A4 - 1 person = $125 (extra person/pet + $60)
A3 - 1 person = $150 (extra person/pet + $75)


A4 - 1 person = $85 (extra person/pet + $35)
A3 - 1 person = $110 (extra person/pet + $50)


Not available yet

Write me an email if you want to order a portrait

I require full payment, before I begin your drawing. The payment will be refunded only if I am unable to finish your drawing, or if you can convince me and my toughest critic, that I have done a bad job.

If the drawing is to be sent, you must also pay the shipping fee up front. This fee varies depending on where you want it sent to. 

It would be great if you have one or more very sharp and large digital photos of the person/s to be portrayed, that you can send to me. The more pictures the better. That way I can best "capture" personality and expression, and then you will most certainly be happy with your drawing.

If you don't have, or if you can't get, sharp and large pictures of the "model", then I can still draw a great portrait, the level of detail will just be less.

I can also combine different photos to make one portrait. So if, for example, you don't have a picture of your two children/parents/friends/etc. together, then you can send me two different pictures and I will draw them so it looks like they are next to each other.